Press Release - Dominex Rebrands its Legacy Eggplant Product Line for Growth into other Vegetarian Products

Omaha, NE – May 27, 2014 – With the ever growing interest in eating healthy, adding more vegetables into daily diets and more interest in the flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, Dominex Natural Foods is rebranding its Dominex Eggplant products to convey a “better for you” and “great tasting” meal choice.

According to a recent article in Food Product Design magazine, “The vegetarian and vegan trend is growing.  Every day, more than 2,000 people become vegetarian, with current numbers reaching one billion.”  Another growing nutritional group is flexitarians; individuals who eat a vegetarian diet, but on occasion will eat meat, usually fish or chicken.

With the recent launch of our AngelBowls, chef-inspired veggie bowls made from Dominex’s signature Eggplant Cutlets and other no GMO ingredients, the birth of the Angel brand and the evolution of the current product offerings have begun.    The Angel brand will now appear on all of Dominex’s products except the Eggplant Cutlets.   Dominex Natural Foods made the conscientious decision not to rename the Cutlets as this is the most beloved and recognized product in the current line.

In the grocery and natural food freezers, consumers will see AngelBurgers, AngelMeatballs, AngelParm Bites and Angel Fries (all veggie products). 

The AngelBurgers are an eggplant-based veggie burger with a best-in-class taste over other soy-based burgers and offer a zesty flavor.  The AngelMeatballs are an Italian-flavored veggie meatballs.  The AngelParm Bites combine the classic combination of Eggplant Parmesan into a convenient nugget-like snack or side. The AngelFries are kid- and mom-approved veggie fries that contain 65% less sodium than the leading brand of French fries and provide a crunchy great tasting bite.   Dominex also offers zucchini and carrot fries in its school lunch and foodservice product lines.

The name change to Angel reflects what Dominex has always been about - - food that is pure, wholesome, minimally processed and made from scratch - all in one word.  While Dominex's roots are in eggplant (a heritage of which we are proud) our brand has begun to expand into other vegetable offerings.
“This rebranding effort was a year in the making,” said John G. McGarvey, President of Dominex Natural Foods.  “We wanted to maintain elements of the Dominex heritage that our consumers recognize, but also wanted an upgrade that would allow us to expand beyond just eggplant.  In conjunction with DINE Marketing, we carefully crafted a look and feel that captured the essence of who Dominex has always been, while creating a refined platform for continued product and consumer growth.”  DINE, a division of Mattson & Company, works exclusively with food and beverage brands and products on positioning and marketing.
Dominex Angel products are located in the frozen aisle at grocery and natural foods retailers nationwide.   For specific locations, visit our “Where to Buy” on the Dominex website.

About Dominex
For more than 25 years, Dominex has been and continues to be the leader in frozen, specialty, all-natural eggplant products. Their great-tasting product line-up includes Eggplant Cutlets, Veggie Burgers, Veggie Meatballs, Eggplant Parm Bites and a line of Veggie Fries.  With offices in St. Augustine, FL, and the headquarters in Omaha, NE, Dominex sells to the retail, foodservice, club, and ingredient channels. Dominex sources fresh eggplant year-round and combines it with natural ingredients within days of harvest.  For additional information, please visit and      

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