Planting the Seed Of Good Nutrition

Dominex has discontinued our Plant the Seeds program. We are proud that our program helped over 30 community gardens and schools with their seed and supply needs.

Avid gardeners believe that gardening is great for your health and offers many benefits.




Gardens We Support
“Planting the Seeds of Good Nutrition” provided these gardens with a monetary gift, seeds, plants, and garden tools. Our pilot program started with three organizations in our hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.

City Sprouts: “Since 1995, City Sprouts has been combating the food desert in North Omaha by maintaining community gardens, creating demonstration plots, providing educational resources, and establishing an urban farm. City Sprouts works with Omahans to build local food systems, improve community health, empower neighborhoods, and strengthen economic viability and sustainability.”

Gifford Park Community GardenTheir mission is to provide opportunities for people to grown plants and vegetables, and to grow personally through healthy activities. Gifford Park promotes organic gardening practices, good stewardship of the land and encourages involvement of all different people and cultures to keep the garden ‘alive’ and ‘growing’.

Dundee Elementary School Dundee Elementary has served the Dundee area for over 100 years. Dundee offers many exciting education opportunities including a school garden. Students and their families are encouraged to care for the garden and learn stewardship of the land, healthy eating, and teamwork.

Guide for Planting eggplant

Since our featured ingredient in many of our Dominex products is eggplant. Here's some pointers for planting eggplant in your garden. Eggplant is a warm climate vegetable and does not tolerate frost.  Cool nights can slow the eggplant's growth.  (Consider creating a microclimate in your garden with simple brick/stone walls or ground covering to retain the day's heat). Plant eggplants in rich soil with full sun, with protection from winds.  Eggplant can take up to 4 months to bear fruit. So, be sure to plant early enough for a harvest before fall's first frost arrives.