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Our History

Known as the “Eggplant People” Dominex Natural Foods continues to take its eggplant products to new heights.   A leader in helping make traditional eggplant recipes easy to prepare with its signature frozen Breaded Eggplant Cutlets,  the company continues to broaden its use of the enticing purple vegetable (fruit) into great-tasting products. Look for our Eggplant Cutlets, Burgers and Fries along with Dominex’s Vegetarian Meatballs and Eggplant Parmesan Bites, in the frozen aisle. 

The Dominex Natural Foods’ story dates back 30 years, as a category pioneer in the foodservice industry that created the original eggplant cutlet for application to restaurants, pizzerias, sandwich shops and white table cloth establishments.  Dominex’s original founders, recognized the laborious, expensive and time-consuming nature of preparing fresh eggplant in restaurant kitchens, while also understanding the temperamental nature of the beloved purple vegetable when cooking.  From a farm in Florida, the first made-from-scratch Dominex Eggplant Cutlets were created, utilizing farm fresh eggplants and a signature breading recipe to deliver a robust taste that’s become a staple in restaurant kitchens and homes ever since.

Because of the products’ convenience, ingredients and the use of only the freshest eggplant available, the company began selling to grocery and natural food stores nationwide.   Today, Dominex has expanded its offering to include other meatless items and appetizers, utilizing eggplant as the primary ingredient which it continues to source fresh, year-round.

Dominex creates a new brand called Angel

With a desire to not only update the look and feel of a 30-year old brand, but in an effort to offer great tasting products that compliment Eggplant, the Angel brand was born.

The Angel brand will now appear on all of Dominex’s products except the Eggplant Cutlets.   Dominex Natural Foods made the conscientious decision not to rename the Cutlets as this is the most beloved and recognized product in the current line. In the grocery and natural food freezers, consumers will see AngelBurgers, AngelMeatballs, AngelParm Bites and AngelFries (all veggie products). 

The name change to Angel reflects what Dominex has always been about - - food that is pure, wholesome, minimally processed and made from scratch - all in one word.  While Dominex's roots are in eggplant (a heritage of which we are proud) our brand has begun to expand into other vegetable offerings.

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