Why Meatless Monday?

Dominex Eggplant Cutlets

Meatless Monday is an initiative of John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to improve the health of the planet by helping people reduce their meat consumption by 15%. According to the Meatless Monday program, Americans eats eight ounces of meat per day - 45% more than the USDA recommends. Going meatless once a week can help with certain health and weight issues. It also helps the planet by saving fossil fuel and water used in the meat process.

If you are wondering how giving up meat on just one day a week can help your health, studies have shown the periodic behavior change can lead to continuous positive health habits. Monday, being the beginning of the week, is the perfect time to reevaluate our health choices and set the course for the remainder of the week. Meatless Monday is a weekly reminder to start your week off on a healthier note. If you aren't able to participate this Monday. The next Monday is just six days away and another opportunity to make this lifestyle change.

Dominex is pleased to announce we are brand partners with Meatless Monday.

It is easier than ever to go meatless with products from Dominex. Our Eggplant Cutlets, Veggie Meatballs and Fries are the perfect meat substitute. Substitute it in your recipes containing meat. Our cutlets can be cubed or cut into stripes. Our meatballs can be crumbled to replace ground beef in recipes. Five of our veggie meatballs have only 130 calories and zero grams of trans fats per serving. That’s one-third of the calories of regular meatballs and burgers.

Click here for delicious eggplant recipes for Meatless Monday featuring products from Dominex Natural Foods


meatless Line-Up

Eggplant is Delicious in Recipes

Because 95% of eggplant is water, it absorbs the flavor of the other ingredients in the recipe.

A Healthy Alternative to Meat

Dominex eggplant products are the perfect meatless substitute having 1/3 of the calories as its meat counterparts. Low in fat, zero trans fats, and high in fiber.

Versatility of Products

Our Eggplant cutlets, fries and meatballs are easy to substitute for meat in your recipes.

Product for Meatless Monday