Food Service Eggplant Cutlets

Dominex is the leading provider of Eggplant Cutlets to the Food Service industry. For over 25 years chefs across the country have turned to Dominex for their fresh quality eggplant cutlet needs. We offer a variety of both breaded and battered cutlets in various shapes and sizes. No sourcing or messy prep. Save time and money!

Food Service Cutlet assortment includes the following and is packaged in 10 lbs. boxes (2 / 5 lb. bags)
#1022 - Breaded, Round Peeled, 3/8" Cutlets
#1040 - Batter Dipped Round Peeled 3/8" Cutlets
#1045 - Batter Dipped Naples (Long Cut) Peeled 1/4" Cutlets
#1065 - Breaded Naples (Long Cut) Peeled 1/4" Cutlets
#1060 - Breaded Naples (Long Cut) Skin-On 1/4" Cutlets.

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Saves Time & Money


Our Eggplant is vine ripened and prepared within days of harvest


High quality production standards mean a consistent finished product ready for your use

Competitive Pricing

Our packaging configuration is perfect for scalable preparation and competitive pricing

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